We have fallen head over heels with “Smithies”!

Smithfield are a medium sized shaggy coated working dog used to herd sheep and cattle. They originate from England, being given the name as they were a common sight at the Smithfield Market in London due to having the job of bringing cattle and sheep from the countryside in to the market for trade. Smithfield’s are a distinct breed of working bearded collie with a dash of old english sheepdog and border collie.

Smithies are active, intelligent dogs, strong with livestock and soft with humans. They are great on farms, they looovvve water ……..Elsie has a predilection for stock troughs……….and they crave exercise. They love to work, and love to be loved.

Caring for a Smithfield. They are robust dogs, with no ailments from inbreeding, they have hybrid vigour as they are a cross as mentioned above. The do need to be clipped 2-3 times a year depending on where you live, if you are in a warmer climate more often and if you have pastures which seed, they need constant fur trimming around their feet as they are prone to grass seeds between their toes. Trimming the fur on their feet will prevent this.

We ask anyone who purchases a Ray-Monde Deux Smithfield, should your circumstances change and you are no longer able to keep a Ray-MondeDeux Smithie to call us and will take the dog back to find a forever home for them.

We have a breeding pair of Ray Monde Deux Smithies Mr Rory and Ms Elsie, the following photo gallery are their 2017 Christmas puppies, all of which have forever homes.

If a Smithfield will fit in with your family, property and lifestyle, call us on 1300 660 020 or email us. We will keep your details for future litters, in the mean time request to join our Ray-Monde Deux Smithfield Facebook site, we regularly post activity of Rory and Elsie and the puppy’s new families post as well!