Community Supported Agriculture

Ray-Monde Deux goes CSA.

Our subscriber list for May-June delivery/pickup is now full. Sign here to be in our CSA subscription for delivery/pick up July 2018.

More information about our CSA can be found below the form.

CSA join up

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  • All prices quoted are collection from our Sunbury farm, monthly collection days will be one Saturday-Sunday each month 9am-1pm. Delivery to Melbourne metro $20.00+gst and price for delivery outside of the Melbourne is P.O.A.
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Dear Friend of Ray-Monde Deux

We have commenced our Community Support Agriculture business model.
We have developed a community of CSA members who truly know our farm and share our ethics.  Many people have little knowledge of farming and we want to ‘deepen eaters’ understanding of food production, especially animals raised for meat.  We figure we can have a bigger impact as you share that knowledge with others. We all know that ‘knowledge is power’ and the connections inherent in CSAs hopefully mean we’ll see positive changes in Australia’s food systems – one day everyone will have genuine options to eat ethically produced food!

What does a CSA do?

We sell shares in our farm produce at a fair price that you agree to over a 12 month purchase agreement.  We will supply your share each month delivered to your house or a pick up location near you.  The CSA in return will ensure our financial security and allow us to better manage our animals and continue to make environmental improvements to our farm.
The options are all offered on a minimum 12-month subscription, payable monthly, bi-annually in advance, or annually in advance, with discounts for the bi-annual (5%) or annual payments (10%). All shares will be delivered at the 4th Sunday of the month with monthly payments are due the Monday week prior to each delivery. Each box will include the usual variety of cuts across the animal, and we endeavour to meet requests for particular exclusions and extras where possible.
The mix of your box may vary based on availability, for example, we may be low on lamb one month, which would be made up with more beef if you have a mixed box.

Meat and Wine Parcels

Our parcel options are designed to help you know just how many animals your household eats in a year as part of our commitment to growing awareness about what is a sustainable amount of meat in your diet. We suggest small to medium shares are suitable for households of 2 or 3 people per month, while the larger shares are best for households of 4 or more, or shared between two households.
Each box typically includes a range of cuts (all cryovac’d, which can be refrigerated for up to two weeks  before you need to freeze it). Boxes change regularly depending on availability and seasonal cuts. Our goat-mutton parcel will include in each delivery goat chorizo or a prepare meal such as goat curry or mutton pie***. Variety packs will include the four meats (lamb, beef, goat and mutton).
The CSA pricing model is pick up from our Sunbury farm – orders to Melbourne metro will have a delivery fee of $20+gst, outside of the Melbourne metro will incur a separate delivery fee.
To be a sustainable CSA we need a minimum of 60 subscribing members. This will provide us with the certainty to farm, process and supply lamb, mutton, goat and beef. It will enable us to plan the logistics of processing and delivery.

Meat and Wine Parcels Monthly Parcel 12 month subscription (paid monthly) 12 month subscription (paid bi-annually – 5% discount) 12 month subscription (paid annually – 10% discount)
Small lamb parcel 3kg  $54.00  $308.00  $583.00
Small goat-mutton*** parcel 3kg  $54.00  $308.00  $583.00
Small beef parcel 3kg  $54.00  $308.00  $583.00
Medium lamb parcel 6kg  $107.00  $607.00  $1,150.00
Medium goat-mutton*** parcel 6kg  $107.00  $607.00  $1,150.00
Medium beef parcel 6kg  $107.00  $607.00  $1,150.00
Medium meat variety parcel 6kg  $107.00  $607.00  $1,150.00
Medium+ meat variety parcel 8kg  $142.00  $809.00  $1,534.00
Large meat variety parcel 12kg  $210.00  $1,197.00  $2,268.00
Medium meat variety parcel/wine 6kg+1btl  $131.00  $744.00  $1,410.00
Medium+ meat variety parcel/wine 8kg+2btl  $190.00  $1,083.00  $2,052.00
Large meat variety parcel/wine 12kg+btl  $282.00  $1,607.00  $3,046.00
Small mixed wine parcel 3bottles  $72.00  $410.00  $778.00
Medium mixed wine parcel 6bottles  $134.00  $804.00  $1,524.00
Large mixed wine parcel 12bottles  $250.00  $1,576.00  $2,986.00

If there is a package combination that is not listed here (i.e.: more wine….), please contact us  by email and we will endeavour to accommodate your request.

What we offer

Range of cuts of lamb, beef, goat, mutton over the course of a year, recipes (join our recipe club) and an on farm complimentary 3 course meal inclusive of wine and farm tour at one of our farms for two people per year. There will be a choice of two dates. For additional attendees there will be a charge of $100.00/person if there are seats available.
Wine, we produce Pinot Noir and Rose, the wine dozens will be a mix.

Ray-Monde Deux Future

We are raising Jersey cattle for the purpose of a calf at foot dairy. Our plan is to add to our CSA milk, butter, yoghurt and cheese. A calf at foot diary means we keep the calf with the mother for 6months, in the dairy industry calves are taken form their mum days as after birth sometimes to be hand raised as milkers and often sent off to the abattoir for processing for veal. We will take less milk essentially sharing it with the calf and raising the calf to be a milking cow or as a steer for the table after it has well and truly grow into adulthood.
For subscribers of the medium and large packages there will be a prepared dishes as part of the package, this will be made from the meat that would have been supplied and cooked on farm by Tristia Lakey. Examples of a dishes include ryeland lamb terrine, alleppo sausage rolls, moussaka, kofta, beef dishes will include ragout, beef arancini, meatloaf, beef lasagne or bolognaise sauce.
Also we will have other wine varieties coming soon…… Carmere, Viogner and Verdelho.