We are thrilled to be state winners at the 2017 delicious PRODUCE AWARDS – Ray-Monde Deux Dry Aged Mutton.
The breed is white-faced, polled, and is a small to medium sized frame. They are bred for the purpose of meat production and are popular in the UK where marbled lamb is sought-after. Ryelands were a popular terminal sire breed up to and after the second world war but have fallen by the wayside over recent years and currently Ryelands are classified as an Endangered Breed in Australia, with only 17 studs in existence. We think it is important to retain these heritage breeds and have found Ryelands to be an excellent thrifty animal with great eating qualities.

Ray-Monde Deux dry aged Ryeland mutton. The mutton has a subtle clean flavour, and the meat is a deep red colour with a fine meat fibre texture. It is sweet tasting reflecting the native pasture on which the Ryelands graze, and has a very generous pure white fat cap. The mutton is dry aged for four weeks intensifying these flavours. In accord with our sustainable ethics we strongly encourage and reward nose to tail, providing to our restaurant trade offal at no extra cost.

Farming. We farm sustainably dedicating land to native grasses, planting wind breaks and wildlife corridors which provide shelter and excellent fodder to livestock and native animals.

We employ a series of management techniques and integrated pest management strategies including Native pasture regeneration through rotational grazing. Stock are moved after 3-5 days to fresh pasture preventing over grazing of valuable native perennial grasses and also contamination from parasites carried in their own dung.

We employ a mixed grazing regime, grazing cattle, sheep, and goats in the same pasture simultaneously. These animals have different grazing preferences: sheep are picky, selecting short tasty grasses whereas cattle are less discerning and are good at cleaning up longer grass, while goats eat woody weeds that neither sheep nor cattle touch.

We have introduced summer and winter active dung beetles that live in sheep and cattle dung, reducing transmission of flies and parasites and eliminating the use of stock drenches.

We have planted extensive stock shelters. Thirty thousand native trees have been recently planted at our Bacchus Marsh farm and Gisborne South farm has twenty acres of mature windbreaks. These native trees provide shelter for pasture and livestock as well as habitat for native animals.

It is fantastic to be recognised by delicious Produce Award 2017, raising the profile of Ryelands as a very tasty and thrifty breed, promoting sustainable agriculture and nose to tail. We are located on Melbourne’s door step, farming to preserve native pasture, supplying happy, healthy, humane produce in a rapidly changing farming landscape.

Happy -:- Healthy -:- Humane