Farmers notes for the season

Farmers notes for the season

The daily work round of swapping over the Maremma dogs, Fred on the lead and Bella free, Fred always greets me outside the house and is keen on a ride back up the paddock in the ute.

Ute of maremmas

Once up the paddock I feed all the orphans, soon they will be eating so much grass they’ll ignore me when I come into the paddock.  Kids and Lambs live in a little clique and tend to socialise more with the sheep than the goats.  The 3 orphan goats are definitely confused, they know that they are not sheep but not convinced they are goats?

The vineyard has also grown with about 450mm on most shoots and it’s time to o the first canopy wire lift.

A month ago the shoots were stuck on 20mm during the cool wet months of September and early October.

Vines are amazing when they get going I swear you can see them growing during a warm spring day.  Just 3 sprays to date of Copper oxychloride (for grapevine Downey mildew)and elemental sulphur (powdery mildew) with a dash of summer spray oil (PM, mites and scale).  The vineyard is relatively disease free due to our altitude of 400m and coastal breezes that dry the canopy out before diseases can develop.  Powdery mildew is the worst disease as it can grow with little more than a heavy dew and overcast 25degree days, constant  vigilace and calendar sprays to cover the new growth are required until the fruit reaches veraison