To everything… there is a season

To everything… there is a season

Well, here I am, finally back writing to you after such a busy time in the life of Ray-Monde Deux. We harvested the vineyard late March, again with the help of our wonderful friends and family. This year we are really thrilled with the quality of the grapes and we hope to make another Wild vintage. This is our premium wine that we only produce when seasonal conditions are perfect. It’s a very exciting time.

2015 crop
Pickers hard at work

We are perfecting our harvesting system which involves keeping our pickers close together and leaving buckets to be picked up by our hardworking ATV-riding bucketeers. These go straight into the winery to be crushed. This year we were injury free, although there were a lot of wasps about.

Ryan buckets
Ryan throwing out buckets
Harvest in action
Harvest in action
Bucket City
Bucket city

Now that the grapes are all pressed and in barrel we have moved on to other demanding tasks. Our 2013 Pinot and 2014 Rose are being labeled every spare second we have. This is good work to do inside when it’s a rainy day, and we have finally had a couple of those rainy patches to gladden our farmers’ hearts.

We have all of last year’s vintage resting up in barrel and maturing quite nicely. Wine-making is definitely a long-term venture: our pinot ages for at least 12 months in old oak barrels. Like so many farming and produce-related tasks there is no rushing natural processes. Hopefully, this ethos is reflected in the superior taste of our beasts and beverages!