CSA and beyond…..

CSA and beyond…..

Our CSA/farm share is starting in two weeks and first deliveries will go out over May 26 – 27th.
We were overwhelmed by the response to our promotion last week, indeed such was the interest that our web site had trouble processing the inquiries.
CSA = consumer Supported Agriculture
Our CSA is intended to re-introduce consumers or “eaters” to where and how their food is grown, processed and butchered. We want you to know exactly where your meat is coming from! CSA members can visit our farms and see how our animals are raised. You can see the environmental works that we carry out to work towards the ideal farm – nature balance that improves and regenerates our land.

Many of you may have read about the boom bust cycle that agriculture endures. We hope that the CSA will enable us to budget our income accurately 12 months in advance. Our will CSA ensure that we receive a fair price for our produce and that you also are able to buy for a fair price. In addition it will give us the financial confidence to commit to long term investments on our farm such as our own:

  1. Boning room
  2. Registered kitchen to make small goods
  3. Food truck to cater for events, private parties
  4. dairy to produce milk and make our own cheeses

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Cheers John & Tristia Lakey @ Ray-Monde Deux