Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture

Hello meat eaters and wine drinkers.

We are setting up a direct meat/produce selling model called a CSA.
CSA stands for community supported agriculture, for more detailed information on our CSA click HERE to visit our CSA web page.  Two fine examples can be found at Jonai Farms  OR Angelica Organic Farms

Our plan for our CSA is very simple.  We will produce monthly to order boxes of farm produce including meat, meat products & wine.  Then deliver it to your door at a time that suits you. Details can be found in the above link.

Your box will includes cuts from our heritage Ryeland flock — from lambs ,hoggets and older sheep called mutton,  as well as prime beef from our Salers herd and in the future from our jersey/salers X dairy herd.  Our wines will also be available through the CSA.

We are hoping that being able to sell direct; to prepaid and preordered boxes of meat and wine will enable us – John & Tristia – to pass savings on to you and allow us to work on our farm — continuing the regeneration of native grasses– planting of local endemic native trees.  Putting land away for wildlife as well as invest in better infrastructure such as our own commercial kitchen and boning room.