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Beef Daube

Beef Daube

This a Maggie Beer recipe, Maggie uses shin (also known as Osso Busso or Gravy beef). I have used silverside or rolled brisket which in this picture. This recipe has several steps, the final product is well worth the effort!

Make up a marinade for the beef, one long strip of , 250-500mls of quality olive oil, 1 fresh bay leaf, sprig of rosemary an thyme and parsley stalks. Marinade over night.

Seal the meat gently in a frying pan then transfer to a heat based pot or a slow cooker. Dice one carrot, 2 sticks of celery, the white part of one leek and an onion and place in the pot or slow cooker. Tie thyme and parley together, put into the pot with the bay leaf with 800mls of quality stock and 400mls of red wine. Simmer gently or cook in the oven on 140degrees or put on lowest slow cooker setting for 8hrs.

Remove the meat, reduce and thicken the juices, make a paste butter and flour in equal quantities, 30g of paste will be needed for 25oml of cooking juices.

To give the juices succulent richness, roast in the oven 800gms of peeled shallots and a full quorm of peeled garlic, coat with butter or olive oil, roast for 30minutes until caramelised. An hour before serving remove the orange peel, add the caramelised shallots and garlic and a cup of kalamata olives. Serve with creamy mash potato.