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Aleppo Style sausage rolls

Aleppo Style sausage rolls
 5 Sheets of mountain bread
 500 g Ray-Monde Deux Ryeland lamb mince
 2 Cloves of garlic
 0.50 tsp Spanish paprika
 0.50 tsp Cumin
 0.50 tsp Coriander
 0.50 tsp Allspice
 0.50 tsp Nutmeg
 0.50 tsp Ginger
 0.50 tsp Turmeric
 Cayenne pepper
 1 tsp Salt
 0.25 tsp Chilli powder
 1 tbsp Pomegranate syrup
 1 tbsp Olive oil and a bit extra to lightly fry the rolls

Ray-Monde Deux Ryeland Lamb "Soujok roulo" Aleppo Style sausage rolls (modified Greg Malouf recipe from "Saha")
Massage through the mince all ingredients, ensure to mix thoroughly. Spread a thin layer of "soujok" on each piece of mountain bread, ensure to cover all of the bread evenly going right to the edges. Roll it tightly and put in a sealed container as each roll is made to ensure it does not dry out. Fry with olive oil in a fry pan or on the barbecue for a few minutes rotating each roll until golden brown.